The Travel Unraveled

Hi! I'm Tyler, a digital nomad and the founder of The Travel Unraveled!

Not too long ago, I was trapped working a deadend job in a tiny little cubicle. Now I travel all over the world, funding my vagabond lifestyle by writing code.

Not Your Average Travel Blog

I created The Travel Unraveled to be both a source of inspiration, as well as a solution. I want to show first-hand what learning to code has done for me and my lifestyle, and to help as many people as possible achieve the same.

You will never read a post here that says, "11 Best Sandals to Wear in Fiji". I will never write about the best roads for a road trip in China, or give travel advice for taking a cruise. I will never write about a resort, or a product, or anything else that wastes your time.

I created The Travel Unraveled to add value to the lives of others. I intend to do precisely that.

Travel Projects

I love travel. But what I enjoy even more is travel with a purpose. So I create Travel-Projects: sail the Caribbean islands, motorbike the entire coastline of Australia, learn Muay Thai in Thailand, or the salsa in Argentina. For me, creating unique goals during travel is incredibly fun, adds more excitement and accomplishment, and unique memories to what can sometimes be remembered as a whirlwind of trains, planes, and rickshaws.

Right now I am gearing up for Unraveled52: Latin America! For 52 weeks, I will be traveling through every country from Mexico to the tip of South America, staying a few weeks in each city along the way, and financing the project entirely by working remotely. The next year of my life will see tons of content created here and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and various podcasts, so stay tuned and keep up!

Learn To Code

You didn't think I'd create a website to inspire people to learn code, then not help them learn, did you?!

In addition to the Blog, Social Media, and Guest Podcast appearances, I will be focusing my remaining energy to ensure that anyone reading my stuff can immediately start learning themselves. I am presently crafting and curating tons of free resources, roadmaps, guides, and in-depth courses for any of the brave souls who'd like to embark on their own journeys into the world of code.