tyler murphy

Web & Front-End Developer

My name is Tyler Murphy and I am a Web & Front-End Developer from Toronto.

I am enthusiastic and passionate about Web and Front-End Development. Always focused on mobile-first development methodologies, I build websites that look flawless across all screen sizes. During my work process, I dedicate my time to client communication, wireframing, documentations, efficient content management, device testing, and delivering pixel-perfect webpages. I also enjoy building Web Applications using the React-Redux architecture.

Away-from-the-keyboard, I am equally passionate about World Travel, Writing, and Teaching.
I also have an intense desire to help others, which led me to a B.Sc. Neuroscience & Mental Health, and a Post-Graduate in Bioinformatics.

The Travel Unraveled is a vehicle that I have created that allows me to do all of the above.

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