What if I was your
developer on-the-road?

Coding for You while travelling Latin America, creating content, building my audience, and using my travels to inspire others to learn how to code.

Let me tell you about The Travel Unraveled.

What's In This For You?

To make this project possible, all I need is a reliable 20-hour per week workload. As I travel for 52-weeks through Latin America, and code remotely for You, I will also be creating content like a mad-man: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, the blog, and promoting on podcasts.

Lets take a look at how this benefits You.

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Pick Up The Slack

You gain a talented and charismatic new Dev to pick up the slack. Have me jump on projects, or handle tasks repetitive and time-draining.

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Awesome Social

You now have a dev repping Your Brand in picture-perfect exotic locales. How engaging would your Instagram & Facebook be having Your dev, wearing Your logo, on a volcano?

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Increased Exposure

As I actively promote this project on blogs and podcasts, You become exposed to all sorts of new audiences; an excellent way to passively drive traffic to You.

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The Cheaper Alternative

No paying employee salary, benefits, withholding & filing taxes, paying overtime or sick time, vacation pay, or the in-house cost of handling all of the above. Pay the invoice, and away we go!

Why Promote Coding?

Acquiring a digital skill that is valued globally, doesn't require a degree, and can be entirely free to learn... is empowering. Code can transcend one's geographic boundaries and financial limitations, and gives anyone the ability to create.


With The Travel Unraveled I set out to show first-hand what is possible with code, and to inspire others, as I overcome geography and code my way around the world.


The site. The research. The skills. Everything you need to know is here at your fingertips. ( or scroll down and call me! )

The Travel Unraveled*

The home of my content and my tool to inspire. I created this blog to show people what learning to code, or any other digital skill, can do for them.
*undergoing redesign*

Project Plan

Fifty-two weeks of travel through Latin America requires planning, but it's not as hard as you'd think! From the budget, to back-up plans, and even how to be featured on podcasts, I cover it all.

Developer Portfolio

JS, WP, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, Git, & React-Redux. Now sprinkle on a B.Sc. Neuroscience, with a dash of Post-Graduate Bioinformatics.
That's me in a nutshell.

Think we may benefit from working together? Lets talk!

I'd be thrilled to chat with you more about this project and what I hope to accomplish with The Travel Unraveled.

(1) 416 797 0993
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